The Red Devil

With an idiom not seen before we look forward to presenting The Red Devil Inspiration from "The Space Journey of year 2001" (original title 2001: A Space Odyssey) - directed by Stanley Kubrick 1968 – is obvious. The Red Devil is a piece of graphic furniture rousing the fantasy.
How can you be seated in this chair? - The chair inspires to a creative and futurist interior and is offered in a variety of fabric and leather qualities, and a number of colours. Do you have the courage?

Inspirationen fra "Rumrejsen år 2001" (originaltitel 2001: A Space Odyssey) instrueret af Stanley Kubrick i 1968, er ikke til at komme uden om. The Red Devil er et grafisk møbel, der pirrer fantasien.
Hvordan kan man sidde i denne stol? Den inspirerer til leg og futuristisk indretning.
Tør du?

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