Pandora Chair

The Pandora chair, is a simple, robust and very comfortable wooden chair. The frame is made from solid oak and the seat and back in plywood with an oak veneer finish. The chair is offered in oak/oil, oak/lacquer, painted oak and any combination thereof. The Pandora chair is also offered in versions with upholstered seat or seat and back. 
“The name Pandora does not refer to Greek mythology, but rather to a character in Hugo Pratt´s famous graphic novel about the captain without a ship Corto Maltese”

Pandora stolen er en enkel, solid og meget komfortabel træstol. Stellet fremstilles i massiv eg og sæde og ryg i eg finer. Stolen leveres som standard i eg/olie, eg/lak og i sortmalet eg. Det er muligt at kombinere lakeret/olieret sæde og ryg med et malet stel. 
Pandora stolen tilbydes også med polstret sæde og/eller ryg med læder og stof.

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Here you can download 3D drawings from within Fusion 360 and photos from archive.

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